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Designed for every athlete.

Create. Connect. Community. 

A digital sports card to store and share your athletic evolution.  Connect with athletes and sports affiliates in an exclusive sports community representing all ages, levels and sports. 

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Join us in the digitalization of sports. 

Each journey will be different, our vision is to provide a platform to capture it 


A social powered community, exclusive to the sports industry, specialized for your needs.


Easily connect and build your brand for further expansion and long-term value. 


Process for validation, elevating your presence on and off the field for generations to come.




Youth | High school | College | Professional | Adult

Personalized for the athlete, autograph it 

Creating takes seconds and TropheCase continues with your athletic evolution. Enabling a process for validation, empowering the individual as the content creator for further expansion and connections in one exclusive sports network. 

Scalable to your journey, store it all here

Curating for everywhere you are, TropheCase will integrate all of your sports components, then display it with an unique interface for the quickest access to your most relevant sports information. Capturing your statistics, records, accolades, pictures, videos, articles, links, apps, websites, posts and more. 

Valuable to all, share it everywhere

Grow your audience and take them to your TropheCase, let them to discover and follow you for generations to come. Putting the athlete first, while connecting all affiliates in the sports industry effortlessly including parents, family, friends, fans, coaches, schools, scouts, brands, news, media and more.   


All Ages, Levels and Sports

Represent, the unrepresented

TropheCase represents over 85 sports categories for mens and womens sports, open to all ages and progression levels. Encouraging the multi-sport athletes and adapting to the many changes throughout their sports career. Laying a foundational framework for all sports to be equally represented with the tools, user experience and platform for them to succeed on and off the field in one digital sports scrapbook of their own. 

sports affiliates

Coaches, Scouts, Agents | Teams | Schools | Companies | Organizations | Brands | Fans | News & Media | Parents & Families

Customized for you

Make your TropheCase stand out for the same reasons as an athlete. Put your brand on the map and for your desired needs.  

Targeted, more specific

Access, advertise, data and analyt-ics, plus insights to your most specific target audience. Engage, discover and test new area with high efficiency aligned to your needs. 

Long-term trophies

TropheCase has a high relevance to sports and a platform that grows with our customers over their lifetime. The question is, when will you join us? 

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